Friday, May 22, 2009

Bloggers glitches over with.

So glad that has passed. No pics of retreat goodies yet. Have been resting and had a treatment on Thursday. Family was over yesterday for an indoor picnic. Gotta love rain on a picnic planned day! NOT. Loved the family being here though. Shayla corralling plum wore me out though! She was Miss Sassy and needed alot of attention. She loves baby Jaidyn, but is a bit insecure at the same time. So more resting today, like ALLLL day. Which is funny, cause I have felt so restless. But I have been wanting to catch up with my blog reading and was sad I kept getting the error message the past couple of days.

Be sure to head on over to Conni's blog for "the rest of the story". And see her sweet new ride!


Pat said...

Enjoy your rest-up day...I know how the kiddies can tire us out!!!