Saturday, November 29, 2008

The "almost cousins". Blogger kept turning my pics sideways! So I wasn't about to share all I wanted.

Jaidyn loving on her baby doll. She has a lil cold and was getting so tired.

This is one of her making razzberries. The dolly makes alot of sounds and that is one of them. Baby Jaidyn mimics very well. We laughed and laughed, cause her lips had to be numb!!! And mom's face got wet. LOL

The girls listening to the music from the Pooh book.

Shayla "reading" to the baby.
We had a great day. Dinner at the inlaws and then back here for supper. All yummy and delish.


Conni said...

Look at the gorgeous red hair on Jaidyn!! And can you believe that Miss Shayla is big enough to read stories to Jaidyn!! They are growing up sooo fast!!

3anklebiters said...

both girls are just beautiful.

Laura-IH said...

Look at those little cuties! What nice girls!

kjquilts said...

Those are two adorable little girls!