Thursday, September 13, 2007

Here is my newest new pattern. I am tickled because I feel like I am actually accomplishing something these days (daze!). Pocket Sewies is listed HERE. Something quick, fun and useful!

This a pic of my backdoor. Notice the rusty iron headboard. We had a fuss over that one. it is salvaged from along the side of the road. I wasnt allowed to get in the daylight. LOL Mark was so embarrased that I wanted it. We had to go in the dark. It was definitely set out for the trash man with their other trash. There was a footboard also. It has since rusted into several peices and was tossed. Course he did this when I was asleep! I have to take a peek at our trash every Monday night to see what he is leaving for the trashman on Tuesday! Right now we have a desk. It is something HE wagged home from across the street. LOL But about the flowers...LOL The pot on top is my mexican Heather. We purchase this annual each year in honor of our own Mexican Heather. Our daughter is adopted and is 1/2 Mexican. So how cool they named a flower after her? LOL At least that is what she thinks. The greenery you see along the house foundation is our dutch iris's coming back up. Mark whacks them down late summer and then they will come back up pretty good by frost. The dead foliage is gone and we have something neater to look at. I love this flower because of the lush foliage. The blooms are a gorgeous blue/purple. They just do not last long enough. The other pot, I am clueless about. It was gifted to us last year, so it is a perienial. Blooms yellow and peach in the early spring. We are having wonderful wonderful weather!! Cooler and breathable! So yay for Indiana.


Pam said...

I've never heard of Mexican Heather. It is very pretty - sort of like a fern with purple flowers.

The new needle case and pin cushion is really cute - LOVE the little sheep!!

Beverly said...

So your daughter thinks that the flower is named after her...too cute!