Monday, September 17, 2007

Here are pictures of my parents and Baby Shayla. Ok we know she isnt a baby, but honestly, that will probably be who name forever. LOL I messed up and didnt take a pic of all 3 birthday kids...Daddy73, Heather20 and Shayla4. Just thought of it this morning :o( It was a gorgeous day for our cookout. I just did not realize we invited every yellow jacket, fly and gnat in the county. Shayla was running around with a fly swatter someone brought out. I think she must have gotten stung by a bee before because she explained all about they sting, they hurt and they must die! All the food and soda's made them crazy. And us! We had grilled hamburgers, barbecued chicken breast (Mom precooked in the pressure cooker and then Mark sauced it up and grilled it. Very tender and yummy AND done in the middle.), sausage grillers, cole slaw, baked beans, mexican pasta salad, cottage cheese and Debbie made a Jello cake. This is our closest thing to a sugar free cake. It is a regular cake mix withe sugar free Jello and Cool Whip. Several are diabetic so we have to watch it. The food was high enough in carbs. We needed a green salad but I forgot til we were eating. Can you see a pattern in the memory? It is gone!

Here is a wool pillow I just finished up. The pink flower is actually not as "shocking" as it appears.


Alice I. said...

Shayla is just growing up so fast, and she is a cutie! Hope she is learning all about quilting/crafting from Auntie Ange.

That is such a sweet bunnie on the pillow. I love the red flower...not at all flashy. Ange, you just keep whipping them out, girl!

Beverly said...

Backyard barbques sound like so much fun! It's a bit hot for that here, we have my brother in law stand outside by the grill and we all stay in the airconditioning! HA!

The pillow is is everything that you create.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love the pillow and Shayla is adorable.

3anklebiters said...

What a cute girly and oh, my is she growing up quickly! love the pillow and the little sewing kits in your earlier post. you do great things brining your family together and sharing your creativity.

vloula said...

what a sweet girl. my girly is a little younger and sometimes she wants to be baby and sometimes not!

we are both fans of the bunny pillow. girly loves the critters ;)

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

Cute girly and great pillow. Love the flower on the rabbit.