Thursday, October 13, 2011

Got it Done

 This batch of apple butter was 14 pints. I was very pleased with it. However, the next batch, I will make not quite as sweet. Although Mr. Mark LOVES it sweet. He ate a pint the first morning! Out of the jar! hahaha I also canned 4 pints of tomato juice. Thought there would be more, but that is what I got. Pleased with even that much. I am planning on making apple jelly next. Working my way down the list. Jars are on sale now with it being end of season. Now is the time to get them. Speaking of jelly. Have you heard that peanut butter is going sky high this winter? All the devastation in the southern states this year. We are going to try to stock up this week. Mr. Mark takes a lot of pb/j sandwiches in his lunchbox. Either for a snack or breakfast or lunch.
 This is a more girly monkey love hat.
Just two more of my hats. Screaming pink (and dark chocolate brown) huh? 
 Mark, Shayla and Toby at Mark's birthday party. Doesn't Shayla look festive. Our mom got the little girl's these flower leis to play with. Shayla LOVED hers! Said they made her feel fancy. It was so sweet. Except she took me to stop doing the hula dance. It was creepy!! That was hilarious. Me doing it and her saying that! Love that girl.
This week seems to be going fast. Hope everyone is getting to do something they love. Feed your passion my friends. Life is too short to not do something you enjoy!
I am blessed. ~Angela


Anonymous said...

It looks so yummy, Angela. You're keeping those hands busy! Take care.

Allie said...

Look how pretty those jars look! Yes, I did hear that about the peanut butter, we need to stock up as well. LOVE your hats, very girly and the colors are so pretty! Darling picture, she's a sweet little girl.

Laura-IH said...

Creepy or creeeeeeeepy? Make her say it right! : P

Old Jail Artist said...

The little hats are adorable! I'm envious at how productive you are--must find a new knitting project...