Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September Photos

 September is all about birthdays for us. My girl is now 24. Heather, how did this happen? Our Baby Shayla (niece) is now 8. And not quite a baby anymore. Cannot believe how fast the years have gone.
They shared a party this year. We never do themes, but this year I did an Alice in Wonderland tea party. Heather loves her some AiW!! I had the dining table set up with roses and cupcakes, cookies, cake, and other goodies. We had turkey and ham sandwiches on party buns with a bit more "real" food. The small photo is a treasure to me. It is of my girls when Heather was 16 and Shayla was 3 months. We had so much fun that day. Did you notice the googly eyes on the roses? hahaha You have to have googly eyes on your flowers for anything with Alice you know. It was a good day.
Then daddy had his birthday next. He and Jaidy were playing around. Daddy was getting ready to blow out his candles. He had a willing helper. A good pic of both their happy faces.
Jaidyn loves my wormies. Glad she is not too girly to get her hands dirty. She would carry one or two around and then trade them for others. Lots of worming loving and then hand washing.
This Little Miss LOVES my poor Timmy cat. They have a love/hate relationship. By looking at the pics, can you guess who does what? :o))) That is a very tight death grip hug she is giving him.
I am blessed. ~Angela


Pat said...

Looks like September was a fun month out your way!