Friday, July 29, 2011

Come see us at the market!

Penny and I set up each Saturday (with Mark's assistance) at the semi-local farmer's market. It is the best! It is in Orleans, Indiana. I am totally serious people, this is the best market. And well worth your drive if you live in southern Indiana. Tons of homegrown produce. Many of it organically tended with loving care. Yummy bake goods. Amish made baskets. Unique handcrafts. All in one place. The past few weeks, there have been over 70 vendors in attendance. And closer to 80 I think. As the season goes along, the numbers will increase also. It is a tiny little town with a sweet courtyard that we are allowed to use. Many nice shade trees and a playground for the kiddies. AND the music! The music happens in the Jammer's Tent. The local folks bring their instruments and voices and have a great time. All ages. Any acoustic instrument welcome. From guitars, mandolins, dulcimers, banjos, washboards, name it! The talent is amazing. Love the bluegrass and hymns that these blessed people bring to our ears. We are fortunate in that our tent is beside their area. The market is every Saturday from 8-noon. Come October, the hours change will be 9-noon.

Here is our Miss Jaidyn. Isn't she a doll? She went to a tutu party and had her photo taken. Aunt Angie loves this baby girl. Who is growing up toooo quickly!
I am blessed. ~Angela


Conni said...

Makes me want to hug that Miss Jaidy! What a dolly. I'm on my way to the Market...sounds wonderful.

Allie said...

Boy do I wish I could come!! Miss Jaidyn is ADORABLE!