Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Facebook page for my Etsy shoppe

This is something new I have started. A fan page on Facebook for The Country Cellar Etsy shoppe. I am not doing it to sound "too big for my britches". But honestly I am trying to promote my Etsy shoppe and help sell my goodies. If you get a chance to stop by and become a fan, I would appreciate it. I need 25 fans to get a good start with FB. This is their rules. Am hoping it will give me more exposure as I fill the "shelves" of my shoppe. :o)
Oh my lands (that is for you Michelle). The sunshine was gorgeous today. I mean seriously, thank you Jesus! We have needed these warmer temps too. Our gas meter needs a rest don't you know! And I imagine your heating source does too. Even if it is you having to toss another log on the fire. The furnace has hardlly ran at all today. I baked an orange cake and then left the door on the oven open afterward to keep the warmth in the kitchen and it was almost too warm. Usually I would be crawling into the oven to absorb all the heat I could into my cold body. You would think I was depressed and had just read a crazy Danielle Steele novel! hahahaha Not today though. Oh and that cake. So simple. It is just a box yellow cake mix. I substituted melted butter for the oil and added a bit of applesauce, the zest of a orange and the juice too. Am going to make cream cheese frosting for it. I was just in the mood for something refreshing. 
Hope your weekend is sweet!


Lindah said...

Nothing like a sunny day in February to perk up one's spirits!
That orange cake with the cream cheese frosting sounds too good. I'll bet the doc would approve because oranges are full of vit C and C helps to fight bugs such as pneumonia, right? Of course, right. :-D
Linda H

Barb said...

Ohhhh yes, nothing like a sunny day to warm the heart and rivive the spirit.