Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catching up

Photos of some of my Farmer's Market wares. Wool felted bags and cozies. Wool pins. Only 2 Saturday's left of market. I am going to miss it greatly. The people are wonderful and the sales have been great. 
Then I had to share the newest pics of Miss Jaidyn. My great-niece will be 3 in December. Such a joy to our family.
Here is an update on my health for all those sweet ladies who have asked. I have just finished up 3 weeks of treatments, will be off 5 and then back on for 4. Another MRI and then we will see what is what. The surgery is on hold for the present. My September MRI showed the tumor had shrunk from treatments this summer down to what it was in December. Which was a God thing! If it will stay this size, the dr feels it is better to maintain it with periodic treatments rather than do surgery. With my other health issues, it would be safer and easier on my overall health. I am having problems with my blood so have been having transfusions to help that. Right now I am trying to rest a lot. That is a huge thing. 
The cooler, no humidity weather is making me happy. Feeling more crafty than I have in months. Have been doing some needle felting. AND Penny and I have signed up to vendor at two wool fiber shows in spring 2011. Yaya us. Gotta keep making our little girl plans. I will be hostessing a quilt retreat next month. Very excited about that. I rest a lot at these and it is such good energy there. Love being with my friends.
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the autumn.


Barb said...

I was just going to ask you how you were and here you go and give an update...thanks. I guess things are looking pretty good for the tumor to have shrunk...now about the blood thing. What amazes me most is your attitude....you are amazing.

Love your little niece and your wares.

3anklebiters said...

your felted bags are great and Jaidyn is more beautiful than the last time I saw her photo. great news on your health, we will pray for continued positive progress.

Lindah said...

Ah, Angela, good news! Thank you, Lord. Your "stuff" is beautiful. You have been busy. That Jaidyn is a real doll. I'm looking forward to a full report on your retreat next month. --It'll be here before you know it.Will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Conni said...

Jaidy is soooo beautiful. Love her red hair. Thanks for sharing.

Liz said...

Jaidyn is adorable as are your little wool bags. God sure answered lots of prayers with the tumor. Keep that good news comin'.

Laura-IH said...

SO glad to hear the good news! I think of you often, and hope you are doing okay. When did Jaidyn get so big??? She is a cutie! I love your little purses and flowers. You are SO talented! Love ya!