Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just laying around, taking things easy.

Yep. That is how we roll at my house. Total slackards.
Here is the "skinny" on my doctor's appointment and what is going on with my brain tumor surgery. The doctor said my lungs were not in a good place for this magnitude of surgery. (I still have the pleurisy.) I would have to stay on a vent after the surgery, which would NOT be a good thing. So, I go have another MRI, more in depth, in September and see him the next week. We will go from there. BUT I have told them I have a quilt retreat I am hosting in early November. A girl has priorities you know. I honestly thought this would be over and I would be on the healing  process side of things now. I am trying to be good and rest more and stress less. The last is not happening too well. Life you know has a way of rearing it's ugly head. The doctor also dropped some news on me I did not know. He thought probably someone else had told me. I have arterial nerve damage to one of the 3 main brain nerves. Said it was old damage. And then there is the pill I am now taking once a week to try to reduce the swelling of brain capillaries. Forty dollars, yes $40 for one pill after insurance. Whatever.
So stop on by and we will take a break with Timmy and Toby and bask in the sunshine and talk about future plans and what we are wanting to create. And maybe I will share my chocolate stash with you. :o)


Lindah said...

Oh, that chocolate stash --you know how to tempt a girl, don't you!

To say that I am flabbergasted would be silly because I know there is no word to describe how you are feeling at this point. I guess sometimes we have to give up and lean back against the everlasting arms. Arms that we can't see, but know are there. In your place, I don't know of anything else I could do.
But, Dear Blogger Friend Angie Sister in Christ, I will continue to pray for you --because I don't know of anything that could be better for you. Our times are in his hands. Shhhh, rest and let it all go.

Sandra said...

You're tucked into prayer for God's strength. It goes from crazy to crazier, doesn't it!?

Barb said...

Oh wow......I a sitting here trying to think of something to say. For one, I admire your fortitude....your ability to be strong. My prayers and thought are with you.

Robin said...

Hang in there Angela...when it rains, it certainly does poor, doesn't it! I'll be keeping your in my prayers! del