Monday, January 04, 2010

Odd Things meme

There is this list of things circling around and I thought I'd join in today for a change.

1. Do you like bleu cheese? Yes.
2. Have you ever smoked? No.
3. Do you own a gun? No.
4. What color Kool Aid was your favorite? grape and the blue one
5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Just depends on the appt., but by now, not really.
6. What do you think of hot dogs? Of the devil. Bad bad bad!
7. Favorite Christmas movie? NOT, It is a Wonderful Life.
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? I have to drink a glass of water before I allow myself to drink anything else. It is a rule.
9. Can you do push ups? Can, don't.
10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? My wedding band was my greataunt's. Then I have a ring that was my mom's. Mom also gave me the wedding band. I am now married to my mom Mark says.
11. Favorite hobby? Crafting, sewing, crocheting...I love it all.
12. Do you have A. D. D.? Sometimes I wonder. Several years ago the doctor hinted at it. But he also hinted I needed to lose weight. Obviously he was a quack and I never went back.
13. Do you wear glasses/contacts? Glasses. Cannot see with them. Cannot see without them.
14. Middle name? Faye, after a dear aunt.
15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment. Freezing. Need to go back to bed. Lotion up before bed.
16. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? Water and Mt Dew.
17. Current worry? Have surgeon appt  in the am. See I only worry when I think I should. Refer back to #5.
18. Current hate? Child and pet abuse.
19. Where would you like to go? To see Mich in Victoria BC
22. Name three people who will complete this: No idea. I guess anyone who wants to join in.
23. Do you own slippers? I hate shoes.
24. What color shirt are you wearing? Lav gown.
25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? Yucky
26. Can you whistle? No and this makes me sad.
27. Where are you now? Computer room
28. Would you be a pirate? No. But how about a pirates wretch?? LOL
29. What songs do you sing in the shower? Old hymns and praise and worship.
30. Favorite Girl's Name? Haven
31. Favorite boy's name? Spencer
32. What's in your pocket right now? No pocket.
33. Who last made you laugh? Timmy, my kitty baby.He fell asleep sitting up and fell over. Plonk.
34. What vehicle do you drive? 2009 Dodge Avenger. Her name is Ladybug.
35. Worst injury you've ever had? Sheesh...attacked by Alzheimer patient. Very VERY bad.
36. Do you love where you live? Usually. But would rather live in the country.
37. How many TVs do you have in your house? 2
38. How old are you? Will be 47 Jan. 13th.
39. What flower best describes you? Oh lands....hmmm...a rose. Prickly parts, but a soft side too.
40. Have you read your Bible today? Yes. But not long enough.

If you play along, comment and let me know so I can be nosy and read your's. :o)


Pat said...

I enjoy reading these kinds of things as I get to know other bloggers better. One day, I'll sit down and do one myself!!! LOL

Karlene said...

Love to do these...I will be posting soon and participating in this. Thanks...Happy New Year!

Beverly said...

I love reading your answers! I agree about the hotdogs, slippers, slippery sheets. I also can't whistle, wear glasses, and don't own a gun!

This was fun reading...thanks!

Liz said...

Hmmmm, all that information and all I read was "blue cheese". Ewwww! LOL