Sunday, April 05, 2009

Eggie Hunts rock!

My sister Debbie (Meme) and Baby Jaidyn. The bebe's first Eggie Hunt!

I honestly do not know WHAT was happening with Baby Shayla's hair here in her face! Love that killer smile of her's. There was so much loot for her to find, I had to upgrade her from a basket to my new yarn bag. We divided the yard up and placed the goodies on each side for the girls. Ivan rehid half Shayla's eggs for her once. Some so hard I couldn't find them!

Both girls got cutie bugs. They were laying in the bushes.

This baby is the cutest. Love those leggings on her too! Twirly dresses are the best.

And this says it all. Except Baby Jaidyn was the only one asleep! LOL Toby (Who has on his soft muzzle to keep him calm and not jumping all over the kidlets. It is so loose, comes off without unsnapping it. It is just hanging on him basically by his ears.) and lil Shayla were playing opossum for a photo. :o) Being Aunt Angie is the best thing. Love'em, spoil'em, tucker them out and send then on their merry way. Is this grammy training??


Pat said...

ADORABLE little ones. We had an egg hunt (not one of our own...but one for a whole group of kids) in our neck of the woods yesterday and got to take one of the grandkids. They live a distance from us so this is the very first time we got to take any of them there with it was a fun time. (I put it on my blog today.)

3anklebiters said...

those are two very cute girly-girls.

Conni said...

Love the sunglasses!!

Beverly said...

I love Easter egg hunts with little ones!

And it seems that you're doing very well with your "granny" training!

Laura-IH said...

I'm with Conni--those sunglasses rock! What a special day!

Liz said...

How cute!! I need some little girls at my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!