Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wedding bells...

Or maybe it is just my high blood pressure? Either way probably. April 11th is getting closer and closer.
We got all the invitations for Heather's wedding completed and mailed today. Glad that is done. She is figuring out that weddings are alot more work than she EVER thought!!! I have got to get to the flowers and completing her veil now. A small amount of shopping needs to be done yet. I need new black shoes. I kid you not, my single pair of black shoes are 16 yrs old! And I love them, but yes. They are very outdated. Have a lil gold thingy on the top. But nice classic pumps. And I have worn them to death. The heals look great and so do the toes. I bought good when I bought these and they have been worth it. My mom told me to toss them as soon as I got my new black shoes. Cause she knew I would go back to them. LOL She is a shoes/clothes fanatic!!! Me, the polar opposite.

Prayers would be appreciated for my Aunt Geneva (late 70's). She is in critical care with pulmonary distress. A sweet woman, one of our favorites. Fighting for each breath must be so horrible. We love her and she is very close to our daddy. I know he must be hurting badly.

I am still dreaming of tulips and spring flowers. The picture is of the lil pile of mini daffodils by the back door. They always pop up first. They are the brightest yellow!


Pat said...

Love seeing those mini daffodils. Two of my large ones have bloomed but been very confused at the mixed bag of weather we have had here lately. *sigh*

Connie W said...

With you in charge of some of these details I'm sure the wedding will be lovely, with all your talents and creativity. :D

So sad for your dad and family, will pray for your dear aunt.

I'm waiting for my very first daffodil or any flower to bloom, none have appeared yet but there's the promise of them springing up.

Happy Saturday!

3anklebiters said...

hang in there mom of the bride! it is getting down to crunch time, but all will work out fine in the end. thanks for sharing your beautiful little flowers.

Liz said...

Ohhh, it's getting close Miss Angela. How exciting. I hope your camera is charged and ready. You could start by letting us peek at the invitation and flowers. These long distance relations have to live vicariously through blogs.