Friday, June 13, 2008

Little stuff. I have been working on lots of little projects. Here are some goodies I have been working up for Farmer's Market. Tissue holders (24), 3-inch paper pieced key fobs (12) and tea bag cozies (14). Michelle made us all a cozy for Mother's Day and I thought it was very sweet and clever. So I copied it. Thanks Michelle! LOL I made all these projects from my odd scrap bag.

This isnt a very good photograph at all. I am teaching a workshop at a wool show in September. My class is a wool applique journal and key fob. The background wool is black. I know it is hard to tell in the pic. The base is a composition notebook. I love to work with wool. It sews so easy.

On the way to the doctor this week, my car broke down on teh highway. The transmission is out of it. sigh With it having over 170,000 miles, I imagine it will be junked now. I loved my old car. Drove so good and would just plow through snow. And we had new tires on it.
We are having a family get together for Father's Day. Looking forward to that. Should have new baby Jaidyn pictures to share too. She had her 6 month birthday yesterday on what would have been our grandmother's birthday. Mamaw loved babies, so that was a sweet thing.
Our prayers go out to all those who have suffered from the horrible storms.


Conni said...

The tea bag cozies are a great idea, and very cute!!

Pam said...

Great little goodies!! Love the key fob idea. And tea bag cozies - that is a good idea as well. You could pop that in your purse at take your favourite tea along with you. Very clever!!

Sorry to hear about your car - it is always so hard to replace a used but reliable old car.

Christie said...

All those little goodies are soooo cute! So you copied Michelle on the tea cozy? Can I copy you? :-) I want to be a fiber artist like you when I grow up!