Sunday, January 20, 2008

Something quilty!! My Thru the Year Christmas quilt blocks. The first picture is the blocks I received for January. Cute stuff huh? The second picture is my January/February ones. The girls will get 1 Santa, candle and snowman (applique nose) each. We have agreed to do our own embellishing. That is the fun part! LOL

This is one of the Valentine's I have been making. Popped some in my shoppe. Having fun making these. And yes, I used glitter. LOL Those who know me well, know this is NOT my norm. But the German glass glitter really added the festive touch needed.

Mark is all sicky with a very bad sore throat and fever. How loud can I say, I do not want to be sick??!!!! I have had hives the past couple of days. Actually this is the second time this week. Just the small bumpy itching kind. Stress does that to me sometimes. Blech on the itchies. Yay for Benedryl.


Pam said...

Those blocks are so cute! So are all the things you have in your Etsy shop - what I need is my daughter to be having a girl instead of a boy - LOL. I just love the dolls.

Happpy Birthday to you - although it is a little late - and I sure hope you don't get sick!!

Bren said...

Cute blocks...though it does not make me long for Christmas!!
I get those little hive/itchy things too. I always thought it was seasonal, but stress is probably the case. I too love Benedryl!!