Saturday, November 10, 2007

These are the finished pincushions I just added to my website. All 100% wool and filled with crushed walnut shells. Each comes in its own metal pan.
I saw this book and thought it looked fun. You can read about it HERE. Quilts and pincushions!
Still trying to get over our Oprah trip. Had a dr run this morning to get a shot for my head. No not a shot TO my head. I asked, he won't do that. LOL Grocery shopping finished me off. I thought. Came home and saw the dirty floors and just had to do something about them. THEN I was done. Long nap and now up for a bit to catch up on emails and such. No baby yet!

Happy Sunday everyone.


tascha said...

Very sweet pin cushions!

Knot Garden said...

Love those button tails on the bunny pincushions!

Doodlebug Gail said...

What adorable pin cushions! Glad I stopped by your Blog, thanks for visiting mine. Take care.